Alex Trapp... Mt. Rainier and the Valley Below

Alex Trapp is an award winning and published contemporary American Impressionist painter. As a longtime resident of Seattle, WA, Alex spends many of the wet months painting in his studio bringing to life memories of the seasons before. "I use plein air studies I create in the field to remind me of a time and place from the seasons before. I work to bring those feelings back to life in the studio in order to offer the viewer a visual poem."

During the dry season Alex can be found painting the landscape En Plein Air in the Northwest and beyond. "I paint anything that I find of interest, but mostly I'm inspired by nature. I appreciate the context of learning from it. The challenges that come with painting En Plein Air are complex, to say the least, but I like that. It's an endless love of learning."

As a self-taught artist, Alex looks to the history books, paintings, and writings of impressionist masters like, Edgar Payne, Sergei Bongart, and Claude Monet. "I'm influenced by a number of American, Russian, and French Impressionists. My personal intent in landscape painting is to stay true to the harmony of nature as I see it while at the same time, attempting to achieve a visual melody for the viewer to experience through design, light and color.