High Fives, for Makaya McCraven

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High Fives, for Makaya McCraven

Acrylic, gold leaf, collage mixed media on canvas

22"x 28"

Exploring the connection between music, painting, and movement has always interested me. This piece is titled after a song by Makaya McCraven called “High Fives”. I was listening to his new album ‘In These Times’ a lot during the making of this piece, which got me thinking about space and the outer dimensions.

Anna Sparks is a mixed media artist, designer, photographer, and self-described 'arranger of things’. After relocating from Seattle to NYC where she lived from 2016-2019, she moved back to the Pacific Northwest to recover from a sudden brain cancer diagnosis. She combines her love for traveling and visual storytelling with her desire to spread a message and document the changing environment through art.

“La Vie en Rose” is a nod to her love for French culture and her passion for music. The mixed media pieces in this show depict seeing life through rose-colored glasses, or the experience of finding joy and staying positive despite life’s ups and downs.

Anna Sparks was born in Seattle, WA, and is currently working remotely in West Seattle and focusing on her yoga practice, art making, and love for music.

IG @asparks.arts || Email  asparks87@gmail.com


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