Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir

Available in 4 widths

SCS Certified Recycled Gold or Your Gold

Why Douglas Fir?

DOUGLAS FIR is known for its strength, with a common lifespan of over 500 years. As it ages, the bark on a DOUGLAS FIR becomes very thick and deeply grooved, adding to the longevity and strength of the tree. 

Wear a ring from the DOUGLAS FIR Ring collection as a gentle reminder of your strength and wisdom as you wander this journey. 

May you see your own resilience and tenacity each time you glance at your DOUGLAS FIR collection ring. May it reflect the years you cherish together with the one you love most. 

Douglas Fir Band Ring Widths

  • Thin Band Ring: approximately three millimeters wide
  • Medium Band Ring: approximately five millimeters wide
  • Wide Band Ring: approximately eight millimeters wide
  • Extra-Wide Band Ring: approximately ten millimeters wide

Douglas Fir Band Ring Metals

1. 14K Yellow, 14K White, or 14K Red SCS Certified Recycled Post-Consumer Metal.

2. Your Gold: Do you have gold jewelry stamped with a gold karat stamp that's not getting the attention it deserves? We can melt it into your WEND collection ring. If the gold covers the entirety of the ring (often it takes a few pieces), we'll apply a 20% price reduction.

3. Sterling Silver SCS Certified Recycled Post-Consumer Metal.


As soon as you order, we will begin carving your ring with tender care so we get it just right.

Your handmade WEND ring will be ready for pick up or ship via Federal Express (we cover shipping costs) 3-5 weeks after you order. At WEND Jewelry, we are crafting your pieces by hand, one at a time, with ethically sourced materials in our West Seattle Studio.

Great things take time - thank you for understanding.

If you need something sooner, please let us know. We will do our best, but rush charges may apply.