Client Stories


“Our rings are strong and solid, and fit into each other like a puzzle. The “male” and “female” are reversed, in a modern take on gender roles in marriage.

 Having a chance to design our rings with WEND allowed us to share what the bond of marriage means. It was amazing how Wendy was able to reflect what we said in the design of our rings. 

 We incorporated an heirloom diamond from my grandmother’s ring into my wedding ring, and it means so much to me. It highlights the strength of the 70 years of marriage my grandparents shared.”


18K Yellow Certified Recycled Gold Rings

"The ability to design our own custom wedding bands and having them made with such intention and care was one of the best decisions we made surrounding our wedding.

Working with Wendy was such a great experience from our initial meeting to discuss the design to the detail and thought she put into the final presentation.

My husband and I are farmers who are constantly working with our hands. We grow garlic, golden beets, sungold tomatoes, and so many more on our farm in the San Juan Islands.

I love that our custom wedding bands are so well made and comfortable that we can wear them at all times. They reflect who we are and our special bond."


Custom Engagement Rings and Stacking Rings in 14K Certified Recycled Red Gold + Palladium/Heirloom Diamonds

“I have several friends who all have the exact same wedding bands and engagement rings. Their husbands all bought them off the same online retailer, around the same time. Getting to play a role in the custom design process meant that I got to put our story into our rings before I even got to wear them.

One of the diamonds belonged to my great-grandmother and the other two were gifted to me by my grandfather when I was young. This was the perfect way to use them. Getting to put my family's past into a ring that represents our future was incredibly special to both of us. It also means that these rings will be heirloom jewelry for future generations of our family and our story will get to live on.

These custom engagement rings are amazing. They are seriously the most beautiful thing I own and I am constantly in awe of them. They're big and beautiful and flashy and I love love love how badass they are.”

Bohemian Princess

Necklace in 18K Yellow Gold & Moonstone

“Several friends commissioned this showstopper of a custom necklace for me! I wear it daily because it is so comfortable, and the gorgeous moonstone goes with everything!

As it moves, it takes on other colors. The glow of the 18K gold setting and chain make it look like something a bohemian princess would wear.


14K Certified Recycled White Gold/Diamonds

“Appreciating nature is a core value we both share, and we wanted our rings to reflect this aspect of our partnership. We were able to create a nature scene in our rings that reminds us of the adventures we've enjoyed together. 

His ring represents a lake with a forest behind, and mine reflects the rest of that scene – the mountains above that forest, and the sky showing its stars.

I really enjoy having a visual representation of our partnership and bond together, especially since we were able to have custom wedding bands unique to us.”

Then Came You

14K Certified Recycled Red Gold/Diamond
Wedding Bands + Engagement Ring

“Our rings were designed by someone who knows us and knows us very well. They’re infused with the spirit of their creator who we deeply admire. And knowing that they were made especially for us and no one else only adds to their preciousness.

It means a lot to know that an awe and respect for nature is at the heart of WEND Jewelry. There’s really nothing more important.

These custom wedding rings make me feel grounded and grateful and continually astounded that I found my true love. Sometimes I wonder if my sweetie is looking at his ring when I’m looking at mine and feeling that same burst of joy.

My custom ring stack feels exquisite. So smooth and an absolute perfect fit. Handmade, ethically-sourced custom jewelry inspired by love!”

Ponderosa Pine

14K Certified Recycled Gold Wedding Bands

“The custom jewelry Wendy has made for me in the past always has a deeply magical quality to it. Literally. Her spirit, enthusiasm and gentle nature are molten into her work with love.

When my husband proposed to me, we were on a hike and he wrapped a ponderosa pine needle around my finger. If I could, I would've worn that forever. Right away it was clear, we want these as our rings and we knew exactly who would be making these for us.

I approached Wendy knowing it could be tricky to replicate the now drying needle. She tenderly took it with her, excited to take on the challenge.

The whole process was special. Meeting with her for fittings, the way she handled everything with so much care and attention, and of course, the final product. She masterfully recreated the wrapped needle, complete with the little stub and all.

My heart sings just thinking about that time and I'm so grateful she was able to make this happen for us.

These custom wedding bands are perfect. Even the little box they came in. It's all done with so much love and care. The crafting of these rings was a ceremony in and of itself. We're so grateful.”


18K Yellow Gold/ Aquamarine/ Alexandrite/ Sapphire/ Opal Necklace

“For our 10th wedding anniversary, my husband worked with WEND to create this custom birthstone necklace with the gemstones of our family. It is deeply meaningful to me, since it tells our story.

This is my favorite piece of jewelry I own. It dresses up to go out, dresses down with a white t-shirt and jeans, and layers beautifully with other necklaces.

It is comfortable to sleep and exercise in-- so I find that I wear it days on end. I get compliments on it all the time.”


Sterling Silver/ Raw Pearls Necklace + Earrings

“On our first official date, we dined at an oyster bar. To our wonderment, one of the oysters contained a series of pearls. Even the staff at the restaurant was surprised with people coming out from the kitchen to see it.

Right away, the idea came to me that 'Wendy could make something cool out of these" since I had seen her custom jewelry before. I knew with the luck of the pearls there would be a next time -- and there was.

I didn't want a traditional looking piece, I wanted something stylish, but also unique and artistic that did not lose the roughness and rawness of pearls straight out of an oyster.

These pieces combine the elegance of design with the essence of the raw pearls to make jewelry as unique as the experience we had of first discovering them.”


Wedding Rings in 14K Certified Recycled White Gold, Arizona Amethyst, Diamond

I feel claimed. Marked. Loved. Taken. It impresses me that I enjoy feeling this way.  

We are a same sex couple. It was difficult for my mother to come to terms with my sexuality, but she came to love that I was loved and in a loving relationship. We used a diamond from a ring that she associated with my brother who was killed when he was 26 years old. She wore that ring every single day of her life, and when she became terminally ill she gave it to me and called it ‘Doug's Ring.’

The center diamond from that ring is now in my custom wedding ring. It carries both my mom and my brother within it and is precious to me. My favorite gemstone is the amethyst, and it is my wife’s grandma’s birthstone. They had a very special bond, and the stone connects us all together.

I don't like flashy, fancy, or complicated rings. My custom wedding band is wide and embellished with different textures. The stones are set in the ring, they don't stand up above the ring at risk of being damaged or lost. The ring is made of white gold - it is heavy and feels like a substantial piece of art on my hand. It feels amazing on.”

Carpe Damn Diem

Wedding Bands + Custom Engagement Ring in 14K Certified Recycled White Gold/ Diamond/ Tourmaline/ Sapphire.

“It’s difficult to put into words how much these custom wedding rings mean to us. Part of it is that we each went through some challenging times before we found each other.

The rings are a constant reminder of how remarkable it is to find your true life partner and build a new, wonderful life.

I loved everything about how the rings came together. I didn’t have a clear idea what I wanted for the custom engagement ring, but WEND Jewelry made it so easy.

Your idea of having several stones to represent our blended family was perfect. And I loved that we were able to get it done in secret so that this could be a surprise. You even gave me a German prompt (since she’s German) for the proposal on the ring case. The whole thing just makes me smile.”


Custom Ring in Certified Recycled Sterling Silver/14K Yellow Gold

"When I was born, my grandfather gave me a baby bracelet. I could only wear for a very short time, since I grew out of it quickly. As an adult, I was afraid I was going to lose this piece of jewelry, simply because I had outgrown it.

WEND Jewelry remade the bracelet into a thick comfortable custom band ring, which I wear daily.

This custom ring holds a deep personal history, from my earliest childhood and reminds me of where I came from in context of my family history. 

I feel like I can remember my place in the world as a child, which is comforting. I’m extremely lucky to have this piece of custom jewelry."


14K Certified Recycled Yellow + White Gold/ Diamonds Ring

"This ring was designed with Baja in mind - an incredible pre-wedding trip with my husband. We kayaked in the Sea of Cortez close to rock walls that had black, golden, and gray tones. We are travelers and outdoorsy people, and living my life my way is what this ring means to me.

I feel grounded when I pay attention to it... I think of that rock formation, our wedding, and beauty with age.

It was meaningful to design it with a talented custom jeweler who cared about my story, and really heard what I wanted."


18k Certified Recycled Gold/Diamond Ring

“My husband proposed with a prong-set diamond solitaire engagement ring and though I said yes, it just wasn’t my style.

After some design ideas, WEND Jewelry created this custom wedding ring for me using my diamond. It is thick in the front, and less-so in the back, making it really comfortable to wear.

The style, which reminds me of a moon rising, is still fresh and eye catching and draws frequent compliments. I love the bezel set diamond and that it looks like a ring stack when it is on my finger.

There is a secret little nub detail on the back of the ring which is fun and unique, and helps me keep the ring in just the right place.

The pounded out details on the band shows off that it is handmade and organic, which I adore. It is incredibly comfortable to wear.”


Custom Necklace With 1” Pendant

“I have never had the opportunity to design a piece of custom jewelry, and this piece was a big one to start with. My mother had recently passed away and I wanted to do something big, to remember her in my own way.

This custom necklace brings together three generations of women. We used the gold and diamonds that I inherited or received from my mother and grandmother, but which I was not wearing. They weren't the "cool" kind of vintage jewelry and it actually stressed me out to have those pieces sitting around.

It was emotional to say goodbye to the pieces but I now have something special, that I LOVE! The necklace makes me feel powerful, and it reminds me of my mother and grandmother every time I wear it.”


Sterling Silver/Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet

“For our 25th wedding anniversary, my husband had WEND create this custom bracelet for me.

Symbolically, the stone is a Tourmaline, which is the birthstone for the month of our marriage. The stone is surrounded by 25 silver spheres, representing our long, loving marriage and life partnership.

When I wear it, I am reminded of the love we have for one another and the bond reinforced by our years of shared experiences. It is a beautiful piece of custom jewelry I will always treasure.”

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