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Three Eco-Golds + Four Gem Sizes

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Why tidepools?

Tide pools collect beauty and sustain life on a schedule influenced by the moon. Water flows in and out of the pools, nurturing the strong creatures which call them home.

Wear a ring from the Tidepools Collection as a reminder of your strength, your daily mindset, and your abundant gratitude for the ebbs and flows of life.

Celebrate your journey, milestones, and your connections by celebrating yourself, because in a WEND Tidepools ring, you become the tide pool the moment you slip one on.


Tidepools band rings are the same widths as the gemstone rings:

Thin Band Ring: approximately three millimeters wide.

Medium Band Ring: approximately five millimeters wide.

Wide Band Ring: approximately eight millimeters wide.

Extra-Wide Band Ring: approximately ten millimeters wide.


14K Yellow, 14K White, or 14K Red *Eco-Gold.


*Eco-Gold and *Eco-Silver are SCS Certified Recycled Post-Consumer Metal.