What WEND Isn't


  • Isn't harmful:

The jewelry industry has one of the worst records on child labor, human rights, environmental destruction, pollution, and worker safety. At WEND, we make every decision through the lens of doing no harm. Choosing this path is challenging from a business standpoint, but we believe it is essential and it is the core of our mission.


  • Isn't inspired by the look of traditional jewelry:

WEND makes jewelry designed in nature using the earth’s textures, negative and positive spaces, lines, and forms as inspiration. Our creations stem from walks, time spent outside, and breathing in fresh air.


  • Isn't all the same:

WEND makes each piece by hand using traditional goldsmithing techniques. If two people order the same ring from our collections, their rings will be slightly different. If you want to have the exact same piece as someone else, WEND may not be for you. If you want something truly unique to you, you've landed in just the right place.


  • Isn't made for anyone but you:

When you place an order for a ring in our collections, we will make the piece just for you. We want it to fit just right, and have your energy infused in it from the very beginning.


  • Isn't reliant on computer technology:

Most jewelry today is designed on a computer, whether off-the-shelf or custom jewelry. While this is very precise, it also is inhuman. WEND prefers the organic approach of designing in nature and making by hand. The resulting creations reflect the natural world instead of the technical world.


  • Isn't uncomfortable:

WEND makes jewelry that is comfortable to wear, taking care to create a “comfort fit” and rounded edges. You should know your jewelry is there because it catches your eye, not because it feels uncomfortable.


  • Isn't sharp and won't snag your sweater:

WEND doesn’t set stones in prongs (sometimes known as claws), but prefers to hug the stone with handmade, secure bezels or to set the gem in the metal itself. Our rings never need to come off your hand, since our stone settings do not catch on clothing and are built to withstand your rugged lifestyle.


  • Isn't made anywhere but here:

WEND designs and makes all our pieces in our studio in West Seattle.


  • Isn't gendered:

WEND believes you should wear what you want, whether or not this is the jewelry dictated for your gender. The jewelry industry is traditionally very gendered, but WEND is about what resonates with you.