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Jewelry Repair Services

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Jewelry Repair Services

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WEND classes include:


If your WEND jewelry needs repair, we will happily do that for no charge in most cases.

But, if you have a piece of jewelry you love and would like repaired, we are here for you!

We have an in-house repair team, and we have a trusted 4th generation Seattle goldsmith who handles some of our more difficult repairs.

Repair possibbilities:
  • Fix broken rings
  • Size rings that don't fit
  • Rhodium plating
  • Polishing + cleaning
  • Watches + watch batteries
  • Replace and re-tip prongs
  • Add clasps and jumprings
  • Tighten center + side stones
  • New shanks + half shanks
  • Unset and set stones
  • Make jewelry look old (antiqueing)
  • Make jewelry look new
  • String pearls professionally
  • Solder rings together
This may seem strange:

But we actually love a repair challenge. Since we are makers at heart at WEND, we like to dig in and figure out what is needed in a repair. Not only will you have your beloved piece back, but repairing what you have is environmentally responsible.

Repair school

At WEND, we believe you should be empowered to care for your jewelry collection. We offer a class 6x a year called "Jewelry Care and Repair", teaching many of the skills you need to keep your jewelry clean, shaped correctly, fitting properly, and in working order.

This class is a blast, and we always serve drinks and snacks to go with the important content.