About Wend

Our reason for being

WEND creates modern heirloom jewelry as unique and rugged as you.

Sustainably handmade using Eco-Gold (Certified Recycled) and ethically-sourced gems, WEND distills the look and textures of nature into gender-free jewelry to celebrate you and honor your journey.

Filling a void

People from different paths, and often paths that wander off the beaten track, have finally found what they have been searching for at WEND.

Our Story


Jewelry can reflect your deepest values.

If you value nature, the environment, human rights, and economic empowerment, then you might question a purchase from a traditional jewelry source.

At WEND, we honor the Earth and its inhabitants as we make each sourcing and production decision.



WEND takes design cues from nature.

We are inspired by the outdoors, and our rugged designs allow you to live the life you were meant to live.

Our settings are designed to hold unique gemstones securely, whether traditionally cut, rose cut, raw, or slices.

WEND makes no distinction between masculine and feminine jewelry. We design jewelry that honors your humanity.

Gender free

Wendy Woldenberg

Our founder

Deeply influenced by nature, Wendy finds inspiration in long mountain hikes, beach walks, and breathing fresh air.

Nature’s forms, lines, and textures are the basis for each collection.

Wendy applies the natural interplay of spaces to create unique jewelry of sublime comfort and wear-ability.

The WEND collections are designed and made by hand in Seattle. 

Embracing traditional goldsmithing techniques, the resulting pieces have the beauty of subtle differences and unique features.

There is a loving human handprint in every piece of WEND Jewelry.