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Crafting custom jewelry since 1998, we have the know-how to make your dream a reality.

We ask the right questions, and we listen fully to uncover your vision. Then, our 25 years of experience will make it happen!

Step 1

Fill Out the Questionnaire

Tell us what you’ve been dreaming about

In the form, include details about you or the person you’re thinking about, the piece(s) you’re imagining, and a rough budget. You can upload photos, sketches, or even link to a Pinterest design board.

Design Questionnaire

Step 2

Let's Brainstorm Together

We’ll meet at WEND or via Zoom

This is the fun part! We'll review the form, ask questions, and make sketches. With your metal & stone selection, we'll nail down a design and you'll have a realistic cost quote for the project.

A $400 Wax/Design fee moves the process to Step 3.

Book Appointment

Step 3

The Wax Model

Here's where the making begins

Because your design is a true original, it needs a model carved in wax as part of the metal casting process. It also helps you visualize your piece in real life and will ensure we're on the path to your dream.

From here, a deposit of 50% of your quote keeps your project moving forward.

Step 4

One more fitting if needed

Give it a spin before we set the gems

If you’re local, come on in, drink some tea, and try on your piece before we set any gemstones. We can also make size adjustments here if needed. If you can't come to the shop, mail and Zoom are options too.

The balance of your project is due before or upon the pick-up/delivery.

Step 5

The Big Reveal

Open that box and squeal in delight

Pick up your piece at WEND or we can ship it to you. Each piece comes in a gorgeous wood box with a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime guarantee.

This is the beautiful culmination of our work together!

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