Stud Muffins

Stud Muffins


    The diamonds we feature in our Stud Muffin diamond stud earrings are absolutely stunning, and were grown in an SCS certified sustainable lab called Alkor-D in Kyiv, Ukraine, powered mostly by solar panels. Alkor-D was founded by a woman named Julia Kusher, and most of her team are women, too. Her company raises funds for future restoration efforts for the Ukraine.

    According to an article in Forbes from March 6, 2024, Ukrainian companies like Julia's play a crucial role in the country's economic survival, national resilience, and post-war recovery by continuing operations amid the war. They contribute to economic stability, support the war effort, maintain social stability, foster innovation and adaptation, enhance national identity and morale, and lay the foundation for post-war reconstruction. These companies persist amid immense difficulties, ultimately serving the greater good of Ukraine.

    After the war began, Julia closed the diamond factory, but her employees wanted to get back to work. To keep her team safe, Julia opened a bomb shelter. Whenever her team gets warnings of an airstrike, they seek shelter.

    If you've been thinking of treating yourself to diamond earrings, these are the ones you want. The WEND diamond stud earrings are set in a handmade bezel, and are not going to catch your hair. These are made using traditional goldsmithing techniques in our West Seattle jewelry studio.