the story
of wend

In 5 Chapters

Chapter 1

A Goldmine and a Jungle

Chapter 2

two decades of teaching

Before launching WEND, Wendy taught Jewelry Design at a public high school outside Seattle for 22 years. With five classes each day of 28 students per period, Wendy trained over 6,000 students to create beautiful jewelry by hand.

Grateful for those immersive years working with amazing teenagers, Wendy passed the torch of the Jewelry Program over to Kyle Rees, her former student (and fellow jewelry designer) of immense talent and energy.

Chapter 3


Wendy couldn’t find wedding rings for her own marriage in 1999. She had been teaching high school Jewelry Design for three years, while selling her creations to friends.

To her surprise (and disappointment), her fiancé requested that she make their wedding rings. After reluctantly agreeing, they rolled up the coins they had been collecting over several years and had just enough money to buy the gold.

Since self-testing wedding rings in 1999 (so far, so good), Wendy began making custom rings and jewelry under the name W2 Jewelry Design. She fabricated rings for wedding and commitment ceremonies, graduations, birthdays, and all manner of celebrations.

When she wasn’t teaching high school students, she was making special jewelry for people who couldn’t find what they wanted at traditional jewelry stores.

Sometimes these custom ring projects led to Wendy officiating the wedding ceremonies (one of her greatest joys).

Chapter 4

The Wonderland

A two-week backpacking adventure around Mount Rainier on the Wonderland Trail led to the launch WEND Jewelry. On this trip, where hikers saw scenery, Wendy saw rings.

Glaciers, waterfalls, and trails became imaginary rings waiting to be made.

Upon her return from one of the greatest adventures of her life, she dreamt of the rings most nights, and started making proto-types. Finally, she executed a plan to launch WEND.

Chapter 5