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designed in nature

Wend Jewelry

commitment to Sustainability

WEND Jewelry

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Wend jewelry



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Fine jewelry

designed in nature

to honor your journey.

ethical . rugged . handmade
wend guiding principles
Protecting the planet and its inhabitants

Giving back with every purchase

Sketched by hand, made by hand

Designs inspired by nature

Made in the USA

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Wend Jewelry
4 Ring Widths
3 Eco-Golds
4 Gem Sizes
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1. Choose a path and walk that path.

2. Go in an intentional direction, slowly or by an indirect route.

3. Follow a series of curves and turns.



It’s difficult to put into words how much these rings mean to us. Part of it is that we each went through some challenging times before we found each other. I loved everything about how the rings came together. 

Steve and Ully

Appreciating nature is a core value we both share, and we wanted to our rings to reflect this aspect of our partnership.

Josh and Brooke

The jewelry Wendy has made for me in the past always has a deeply magical quality to it. Literally. Her spirit, enthusiasm and gentle nature are molten into her work with love.

Nina and Yaniv

Working with Wendy was such a great experience from our initial meeting to discuss the design to the detail and thought she put into the final presentation.

Ellen and Nick

For me, Wendy was the only person I would consider to make something out of these pearls. I didn't want a traditional looking piece, I wanted something stylish, but also unique and artistic that did not lose the roughness and rawness of pearls straight out of an oyster.

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