Bring Your Own
Gems and/or Gold

Creating New Jewelry from Neglected Heirlooms


is a win-win-win

The environment wins when we don't mine the gold or gemstones.

The heirlooms you aren't wearing get a second chance at life.

You get real value for your gold and gems, not scrap value.

So, how do you want to use your Heirlooms?

WEND offers two options.

Option 1

B.Y.O.G. to a WEND Collection piece.

Option 2

B.Y.O.G. to a WEND Custom piece

A little more about heirloom makeovers

If you have enough gold and gems to complete the new piece, then a custom heirloom makeover is generally priced in the $2,000 - $4,500 range. If we need to add material, we will do so as sustainably and efficiently as possible. Prices will vary depending on a few factors unique to each project.

Most jewelers won't make new pieces from their clients' gold because they don't know what the gold has been alloyed with, and they don't want to risk imperfections in the final piece.

That's not a concern at WEND. We believe using reclaimed gold is an admirable and ethical option, and all of our makeover pieces have come out beautifully so far (knock on sustainably grown wood).

Recent WEND Heirloom Makeovers

We carefully pulled out the center diamond from mom's necklace, carved two wax rings, and melted the entire necklace down to create this wedding set.

Cherish memories of mom every day.

We cautiously released the diamond from her original wedding set, carved a wax ring, and melted the old rings into the new ring for a 20th anniversary update.

Keep the partner, update the ring!

She wanted to use the gems and gold from 4 special rings in her life. We made them into one ring to convey the decades of meaning within these gems and gold.

Honor the past far into the future.

Before we get started

Let's evaluate what you have before making any design decisions.

1. If you're local, you could stop by the our West Seattle location OR

2. Schedule a virtual consultation OR

3. Answer a few questions on this form, upload photos of your heirloom(s).

And let's dream up your new piece!

P.S. See some of our Custom Jewelry here.