Heirloom Makeovers

Creating treasures from your old jewelry

Heirloom Makeovers

No more guilt for not wearing old jewelry

Heirloom Makeovers

Transform something old into something new

Heirloom Makeovers

Win/Win for the Earth and You

Heirloom Makeovers

Past heirlooms become future heirlooms


The earth is as precious as our love for each other. When we recycle old and neglected jewelry, those beautiful stones and metals get a second chance at life, and the environment is left to thrive.

Let WEND create new pieces you can’t wait to show off–pieces you’ll want to pass on.

Step 1
Fill out the questionnaire

Tell us what you're dreaming about.

In the form, include details about your old piece(s) you want to transform, the new piece you’re imagining, and a rough budget. You can upload photos, sketches, or even link to a Pinterest design board.

Step 2
Let's Brainstorm

We’ll meet at WEND or via Zoom

This is the fun part! We'll look at your jewelry, test it for purity, ask questions, and make sketches. We'll start designing so you'll hopefully have a realistic quote for the project.

A $400 Wax/Design fee moves the process to Step 3.

Step 3
Materials & Wax Model

Here's where the making begins

We'll extract the precious gems and/or melt the old gold. Then, because your design is a true original, we carve a model of the new design in wax as part of the metal casting process. It also helps you visualize your piece and ensure we're on the path to your dream.

From here, a deposit of 50% of your quote keeps your project moving forward.

Step 4
One more fitting?

Give it a spin before we set the gems

If you’re local, come on in, drink some tea, and try on your piece before we set any gemstones. We can also make size adjustments here if needed. If you can't come to the shop, mail and Zoom are options too.

The balance of your project is due before or upon the pick-up/delivery.

Step 5
The Big Reveal

Open that box and squeal in delight

Pick up your piece at WEND or we can ship it to you. Each piece comes in a gorgeous wood box with a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime guarantee.

This is the beautiful culmination of our work together!

A little more about heirloom makeovers

If you have enough gold & gems to complete a new piece, then a custom heirloom makeover is generally priced in the $2,000-$10,000 range. If we need to add material, we will do so as sustainably and efficiently as possible. Prices will vary depending on a few factors unique to each project.

Most jewelers won't make new pieces from their clients' gold because they don't know what the gold has been alloyed with, and they don't want to risk imperfections in the final piece.

That's not a concern at WEND. We believe using reclaimed gold is an admirable and ethical option, and all of our makeover pieces have come out beautifully so far (knock on sustainably grown wood).

WEND Heirloom Makeovers

We carefully pulled out the center diamond from mom's necklace, carved two wax rings, and melted the entire necklace down to create this wedding set.

Cherish memories of mom every day.

We cautiously released the diamond from her original wedding set, carved a wax ring, and melted the old rings into the new ring for a 20th anniversary update.

Keep the partner, update the ring!

She wanted to use the gems and gold from 4 special rings in her life. We made them into one ring to convey the decades of meaning within these gems and gold.

Honor the past far into the future.

We pulled the diamonds from this heirloom brooch, and melted the bracelet to create the setting.

Create an everyday piece from special heirlooms.

We pulled the center stone from her original engagement ring, and made it into a forever necklace for her daughter.

Upgrade your gem, re-purpose the original!

The original opal necklace was too busy for her taste. We used the extra gold for a new ring and simplified the pendant.

Re-purpose the gold, simplify the pendant.

Moving forward after a divorce, we disassembled the jewelry from the marriage and birthed it into a gorgeous ring.

Start your new life with an EMPOWER Ring.

When you inherit beautiful sterling flatware but you like eating with what you were already using, it's time for custom spoon rings.

Elevate the everyday objects in your life.

We carefully disassembled this Tiffany ring to create two stacking platinum bands using the diamonds from the original.

When your tastes change, time for an update!


We can set your gems and/or cast your gold into our B.Y.O.G. Collection. Example shown is Maya's diamond in a Roots©️ Ring

Heirloom Makeovers

A win-win for the Earth and you