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The Story

WEND wedding/everyday bands are inspired by the textures of nature. We hand carve the rings in wax and cast them in our West Seattle Jewelry Studio. Choose your collection, your width, and your metal to honor your unique journey.

WEND Ring Widths

  • Thin Band Ring: approximately three millimeters wide
  • Medium Band Ring: approximately five millimeters wide
  • Wide Band Ring: approximately eight millimeters wide
  • Extra-Wide Band Ring: approximately ten millimeters wide

WEND Ring Metals

1. 14K Yellow, 14K White, or 14K Red SCS Certified Recycled Post-Consumer Metal.

2. Your Gold: Do you have gold jewelry stamped with a gold karat stamp that's not getting the attention it deserves? We can melt it into your WEND collection ring. If the gold covers the entirety of the ring (often it takes a few pieces), we'll apply a 20% price reduction.

3. Sterling Silver SCS Certified Recycled Post-Consumer Metal.

*If you plan to use your WEND ring as a wedding ring or everyday ring, we recommend you opt for gold if your budget allows. Gold maintains its integrity far longer than silver.

When Will I Receive My Ring?

  • As soon as you order, we will begin carving your ring with tender care so we get it just right.
  • Your handmade WEND ring will ship via Federal Express (we cover shipping costs) 3-5 weeks after you order. At WEND Jewelry, we are crafting your pieces by hand, one at a time, with ethically sourced materials in our West Seattle Studio.
  • Great things take time - thank you for understanding.


The fine-grained igneous rock we know as BASALT is formed from the rapid cooling of lava rich in iron and magnesium.

BASALT covers much of the earth’s surface and is beautiful to beholdIt is strong, steady, and permanent.  

Wear a ring from the BASALT Ring Collection as a reminder of your enduring strength and your overall reliability in the face of challenge and change.

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Douglas Fir

DOUGLAS FIR is known for its strength, with a common lifespan of over 500 years.

As it ages, the bark on a DOUGLAS FIR becomes very thick and deeply grooved, adding to the longevity and strength of the tree. 

Wear a ring from the DOUGLAS FIR Ring collection as a gentle reminder of your strength and wisdom as you wander this journey.

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KNOTS offer a beautiful, circular pattern of grain within the wood itself, often sought after for their aesthetic qualities.  

Wear a ring from the KNOTS Ring collection to remind yourself to look deeper at the things around you that you may otherwise overlook or take for granted. 

Let your KNOTS Ring remind you of the circle of beauty you are choosing to create for your life — forming a firm center from which everything else will grow. 

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A LAGOON is most often a small, shallow body of water enclosed in and protected from a larger body of water. A LAGOON is safe and protected. It is calm and serene; a place of respite. 

Wear a ring from the LAGOON Ring collection as a commitment to your own serenity.

Let the undulating circles remind you to float right where you are — embracing the idea of being held by something larger than yourself.

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PATHWAYS show us the trail, guide us, and ease the journey we have chosen.

Wear a ring from the PATHWAYS Ring collection as a reminder of where you have been and where you are headed — always knowing that you are grounded wherever you are. 

Let your PATHWAYS Ring serve as memory to life’s events — a remembrance of your journey.

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Roots are the structures of life, anchoring trees and plants into the earth and allowing them to nourish each other and themselves.

Your roots do the same - they connect you to your home, your family, your community, and even your journey, reminding you of where you started and where you are headed.

A Roots Ring is a daily reminder of your origins, your experiences, and what is yet to come.

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SANDSTONE is formed over thousands and often millions of years as single grains of sand are compressed + cemented together.

Wear a ring from the SANDSTONE Collection as a reminder of your immense strength, resilience and permanence in this world.

SANDSTONE is not only a testament of your strong history, but also a celebration of your commitment to holding sacred strength + time.

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When we think of something SMOOTH, the words continuous, effortless, fluid, gentle, peaceful, soft, tranquil, serene, unbroken, and uninterrupted come to mind.

Wear a ring from the SMOOTH Ring collection as a symbol of the life you desire. SMOOTH, continuous, gentle. 

Let your SMOOTH Ring serve as a guide to something beautiful. Always know that even in times of uncertainty, you can remain unaffected and strong. 

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Tide pools collect beauty and sustain life on a schedule influenced by the moon. Water flows in and out of the pools, nurturing a complete, unique ecosystem.

Wear a ring from the Tidepools Collection as a reminder of your strength, your daily mindset, and your abundant gratitude for the ebbs and flows of life.

Celebrate your journey, milestones, and your connections by celebrating your unique ecosystem.

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WATERFALLS are forged by water moving in a single direction, culminating in a spill of wild delight into a pool below. 

Wear a ring from the WATERFALLS collection as a reminder of your own strength and courage. Know that you are mighty and powerful — always moving in a forward motion toward that which pulls you most deeply toward it.  

WATERFALLS are an irreversible river. It is in moving forward we will always thrive. 

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