How To Care For Your WEND Jewelry

Your jewelry may last longer if you take it off when you come into contact with large metal objects, heavy equipment, or rocks (especially true if your jewelry has gemstones).

Tidepools Thin Diamond Ring


Activities like lifting weights, rock climbing, boxing, bouldering, welding, etc. can damage your jewelry, so please try to avoid these activities or be especially mindful while wearing your WEND creations.

Roots Montana Sapphire Wide Ring

Beware while snorkeling, scuba diving, playing in waterfalls, and swimming in cold bodies of water.


Because our fingers tend to shrink in cold water, and rings can easily come off.

If you tend to wear your ring on your non-dominant hand, one solution while playing in cold water is to switch it to your dominant hand, which tends to be a bit larger. Don’t forget to switch back right when you emerge from the surf!

Tidepools Rustic Diamond Extra Wide Ring


To clean your WEND jewelry, you can soak it in warm water for a few minutes, and then brush it with a soft toothbrush. Brush the band, behind the gemstone, and on top of the gemstone. Soap is not necessary.

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Bring your WEND pieces into the studio for a complimentary annual check-up and cleaning. We 🤍 U