America's Coolest Jewelry Store honorable mention

WEND earned a 2022 Honorable Mention for the “America’s Coolest Jewelry Store” (in the “Small Stores” category of stores with 5 or under employees) ! I’ve been sitting on this info because it seemed too surreal and unreal to even share. But, here it is! I’m humbled by the beautiful glossy 4 page online and print article – linked here. Never did I ever!

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 InStore Magazine article

Page 1 (click the pic to read)

A few of the many deserved thank yous go out to:

  • Janine Duncan for helping me move from my home studio to a welcoming public space and for trusting me with that gorgeous 💎 early in my career.
  • Josh Brevoort and Lisa Chun at Zero Plus Architects for such a beautiful design (and several other creative souls who offered amazing advice on the space design).
  • Scott Stevens for building the interior space with such love.
  • West Seattle Electric for tripling the power so we can run our tools.
  • Darin at Urban Case and Fin Design for building the ring bar and display case.
  • Our beyond amazing WALL artists Leslie Nan Moon, Kathy Lobdell, Kristi Nakata, Alex Trapp, Emily Juarez, Lauren Quest, Amaranta Ibbarra, Deanne Belinoff, M. Smith Lewis, and Sebastiano Tecchio so far.
  • Tracy Hodgeman and Nickole Gonzales for being such wonderful yoga teachers during our summer yoga series.
  • Catherine Grisez, Wren Crosleycone, Nicole Pepper, Ellise Uyema, Alex Seitz, and Nick Robles for letting WEND carry your gorgeous creations.
  • Mitzy, Lexie, Laura, and Marco for making magic behind the scenes.
  • Fritz for the welcome bench, burl balls, world’s coolest stanchion, and helpful hands however needed.
  • Instore Magazine for taking the time to honor jewelry stores for what they are trying to do. Julie Faneslow for writing a beautiful article about WEND.
  • Also, the West Seattle Art Walk, the West Seattle Chamber, the West Seattle Blog, Women’s Jewelry Association, and Ethical Metalsmiths for the camaraderie and connections they foster.
  • And, most of all, our incredible clients for trusting WEND with their most sacred jewelry desires.

 InStore Article page 2

Page 2 (click the pic to read)

Obviously, we are super happy about this honor, and are always striving to improve. Thank you for bearing with WEND as we navigate the waters of small business ownership as we prioritize bringing something incredibly meaningful to you.

InStore Magazine article page 3

Page 3 (click the pic to read)

There are so many inspirations to the WEND brand. Julie captured one biggie in the article when she said, "Woldenberg describes how, when she and her now-husband were thinking about wedding rings, the term "bridal" meant nothing to them." WEND doesn't support gendered stereotypes in our collections. Read more on our philosophy here.

InStore page 4

Page 4 (click the pic to read)

Thank you to the judges, whose comments are below:

  • AMANDA EDDY: Love the use of space and versatility the store offers. Eco-friendly showroom and practices are in line with the brand and help promote the brand’s mission. Morning yoga and mimosas are an excellent way to spread the word and bring in new potential customers.
  • GABRIELLE GRAZI: Every element of the WEND brand feels seamlessly interconnected and infused with natural elements.
  • SHANE O’NEILL: Nice mix of jewelry and lifestyle makes for a unique store. Art, yoga and jewelry are great.

Most of all, thank you to our amazing clients, who allow us to create magical pieces and transformations for them! You make this West Seattle Jewelry Store soar! You are the BEST!