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These paintings embrace bold and expressive color to punctuate each tree’s story and create a sense of movement or vibrancy within a moment. The portraits are also a response to our nature of ‘seeing’, of being observers of nature, each other, and ourselves.

Shelly Sazama

Shelly Sazama is an everyday maker, learner, and encourager. She gathers vintage fabrics and embroideries that would often be discarded and bathes them in indigo. This group of stitchings are influenced by the peacefulness of the moon and the sea.

Kyle Rees

“Details Exposed”

From an early age, art has been a strong influence in nearly all aspects of Kyle’s life. He notices the small details, and those have taken him on many artistic adventures. Kyle is many things: High School Art Teacher, Photographer, Metalsmith, Sculptor, Lapidarist, Printer. He has always found passion in the process of making things. This series of work, “Details Exposed” helped him return to analog and focus on the process.

K Lobdell

K Lobdell is inspired by the nature all around her in Washington State and beyond. She uses mostly cold wax and heirloom oil paints to create her lusciously layered abstract paintings.

Shael Anderson

Shael’s images are triggered by seeing a material or object in place. Capturing how it has aged, weathered, and worn. How it was manipulated, either intentionally or unintentionally by its use or function. And how it has been polished or finished to gain its patina and beauty. Shael believes‘seeing it in place allows my eye to capture it as a thought, and then let my mind work on where I want to take it as an ongoing experience for myself and others.”

Leslie Nan Moon

In her most recent work Leslie is primarily using the technique known as “jigsaw puzzle linocuts”.  In this method she begins by drawing and then carving her design into a piece of linoleum. After she has finished carving she cuts up the block and then applies different colors of ink to each piece individually. Next she puts the block back together (like a puzzle) before laying the paper down on the block and pulling a print. Ink must be reapplied by hand to the linoleum for each original print she creates.  

Sebastiano Tecchio

The photos in this show were taken in and around the Seattle area. They represent single and non-repeatable instances of change in light and motion. Instead of taking pictures with his Nikon, Sebastiano is actually attempting (and succeeding) to paint with it.

Deanne Belinoff

Deanne is interested in the interplay of art and science. She attempts to imagine our universe as if she is outside of it and looking at it from a distance. Her work is an effort to give form to these hypothetical vistas and concepts. 

Lauren Quist

Inspired by the world around her, Lauren Quist explores how light touches various surfaces through her mixed media paintings. Embroidery floss and acrylic paint interact with each other while light highlights the different textures in her art and creates harmony with contrasting mediums. Influenced by illustrative line-based art and impressionism, she combines these styles to bring forth the subject of her work.

Emily Juarez

In creating her pieces it is Emily's goal to convey compassion and growth through tenderness.  She is constantly inspired by nature and its connection to the human form.