Lagoon All

Lagoon All

Available in 4 widths

Three Eco-Golds + Four Gem Sizes


A LAGOON is most often a small, shallow body of water enclosed in and protected from a larger body of water. A LAGOON is safe and protected. It is calm and serene. A place of respite. 

Wear a ring from the LAGOON collection as a commitment to your own serenity. Let the undulating circles remind you to float right where you are — embracing the idea of being held by something larger than yourself. 

Choose LAGOON to remind yourself that even though there is much outside of us to ponder, the most cherished things are often right beside us.


Thin Band Ring: approximately three millimeters wide

Medium Band Ring: approximately five millimeters wide

Wide Band Ring: approximately eight millimeters wide

Extra-Wide Band Ring: approximately ten millimeters wide.


14K Yellow, 14K White, or 14K Red *Eco-Gold.


*Eco-Gold and *Eco Silver are SCS Certified Recycled Post-Consumer Metal.