“Art is all around us. We just need to slow down and look to see it.”

    This collection is a show of how Shael sees the world. It is the art that can be seen in the world every day when we are mindful to look around. 

    Shael’s images are triggered by seeing a material or object in place. Capturing how it has aged, weathered, and worn. How it was manipulated, either intentionally or unintentionally by its use or function. And how it has been polished or finished to gain its patina and beauty. Shael believes ‘seeing it in place allows my eye to capture it as a thought, and then let my mind work on where I want to take it as an ongoing experience for myself and others.”

    All of Shael’s work has a name that means something to him about what he sees in the work, where he found it or what it really is. Every viewer is asked to discover in each piece what they see and what it means to them. 

    Born and raised in Seattle, the majority of the work in this show was discovered and captured locally.

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