Ring Size:

WEND rings are hand-crafted with texture all around the band. For that reason, they are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to re-size.

Some designs are more easily re-sized than others, but it is best for everyone if we are certain of your size before we make your ring.

For this reason, in many cases we cannot offer re-sizing of your ring.

 How do we find your size?

  1. If you are in the Seattle area, we will size your finger together at our studio.
  1. For $5, we will mail you a sizing grid for you to test out at home.
  1. Visit two jewelry stores and ask for a complimentary sizing (happens all the time). If both stores size you the same, we can probably trust that outcome. If the two stores size you differently (hopefully they are close), go to a third store as a tiebreaker.

Necklace Size:

The necklaces in the WEND collection come in different lengths, which are noted in the descriptions. Necklaces 24" or longer do not have a clasp.

Why? Because they slide over your head. Clasps serve an important purpose, but if they are not needed, WEND doesn't use them.

Clasps can get caught in hair, they can come undone, and they can visually distract from the necklace.