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Sea & Sky
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Sea & Sky

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Sea & Sky

The salty air is a cleanser to me.  To walk along the shore and imagine the salty air blowing the dust and dirt from the corners of  my heart, is cathartic.  It makes room for more goodness.

Indigo Dyed Vintage Linen

7” x 15”

For Shelly Sazama, slow stitching is her true passion. She gathers vintage fabrics and embroideries that would often be discarded and bathes them in indigo.

She loves the feel of and the stories contained in the vintage fabrics and linens.  Shelly adds to the story by piecing and slow stitching them together. Inspiration for her slow stitching is often influenced by the wear or imperfect beauty of a fabric.

This collection of stitchings, available now through WEND, are influenced by the peacefulness of the moon and the sea.

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