Shelly Sazama

Shelly Sazama


    Showing at WEND Gallery until August 26th, 2023.  

    "I believe that everyone is an artist and has a need for that artist to be expressive. Art for me is the way to experience and process life while making my life so much richer." Shelly Sazama

    Shelly Sazama is an everyday maker, learner, and encourager. She loves creativity and constantly challenges herself to better her artistic practice. In her childhood, she would often blissfully get lost in making art. While choosing a career as a healthcare provider, she is still a daily maker. 

    Slow stitching is her true passion. She gathers vintage fabrics and embroideries that would often be discarded and bathes them in indigo. This group of stitchings are influenced by the peacefulness of the moon and the sea.

    She loves the feel of and the stories contained in the vintage fabrics and linens.  Shelly adds to the story by piecing and slow stitching them together. Inspiration for her slow stitching is often influenced by the wear or imperfect beauty of a fabric.

    Shelly also has interest in artist books, collage, leather works, gardening, cooking and photography.

    Shelly lives in West Seattle and prefers her life to be sprinkled with art, sunshine, her two amazing kids, beaches, love, a big dog and laughter. She has taught a variety of art classes to youth and adults.