New Beginnings
New Beginnings
New Beginnings
New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Regular price$380.00


Acrylic Paint and Embroidery

12" x 16" canvas

13.5" x 17.5" framed and wired for hanging

In this vibrant mixed-media painting titled "New Beginnings," a potted plant with lush green and pink leaves emerges from a cheerful yellow background. The leaves cascade over the sides of the pot, creating a lush and lively appearance. Handcrafted with acrylic paint and embroidery, this artwork boasts a textured and dimensional quality. Delicate embroidery stitches add a touch of whimsy to the piece, while the overall effect exudes tranquility and natural beauty. This captivating artwork would serve as a charming addition to any décor and would make a thoughtful gift. Measuring 12" x 16" in portrait orientation, the painting is framed and matted in a 13.5" x 17.5" frame. This original painting on canvas, not a print or copy, is framed and wired for hanging. Each stroke of color is hand-painted, and the artwork is signed by the artist.

Lauren Quist

Lauren Quist is inspired by the challenge of achieving harmony through the interplay of hard and soft mediums, blending the softness of impressionism with the contrast of illustrative art.

Her process begins with a photograph, which she transforms into mixed media paintings on canvas through sketching, painting, and lastly embroidery. By incorporating embroidery, she allows light to dance dynamically the canvas, exploring how it touches various surfaces and highlighting the contrasts within. Through art, Lauren aims to engage viewers in a deeper exploration of these captured instances, inviting them to share in the beauty and complexity of the world as she sees it.

After graduating high school, she attended the University of Washington to study architecture but graduated instead with a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts (IVA). Her first mixed media painting, created for her senior studio, combined oil paints and embroidery floss on canvas. In 2013, she participated in her first professional art show, "Around the Square," where she won the Popular Vote Award. Since then, Lauren has continued to exhibit work in several art shows across the Pacific Northwest.

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