Pink Floral
pink floral LQ
Pink Floral LQ
Pink Floral LQ

Pink Floral

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Mixed media painting created using acrylic paint and embroidery floss on canvas of the flowers of a Rhaphiolepis shrub in Southern California. The Rhaphiolepis shrub is more commonly known as Indian Hawthorn and its flowers are often viewed are symbols of love. These plants signify the need to love everyone and everything that is in our lives. Traditionally, gifting someone with this flower is considered a message of best wishes for their well-being.
Its dimensions are 11"x14" in landscape orientation and framed (14"x17").

Inspired by the world around her, Lauren Quist explores how light touches various surfaces through her mixed media paintings.  Embroidery floss and acrylic paint interact with each other while light highlights their different textures in her art and creates harmony with the contrasting mediums.  Influenced by illustrative line-based art and impressionism, she combines these styles to bring forth the subject of her work. With Plato’s allegory of the cave in mind, she creates art that deals with the documentation of moments in time and the question of how these moments can be presented. Her mixed media artworks are based on these moments that she has photographed and from images in her imagination.

Lauren is an award-winning mixed-media artist from Seattle, WA.  Although she studied art at the University of Washington, she is a self-taught painter and embroiderer. She created her first mixed media painting for her senior studio using oil paints and embroidery floss on canvas. Since then, she has participated in several art exhibits in the Pacific Northwest showcasing her mixed media work.  With each piece of art she creates, she begins with a photograph that she has taken.  She sketches it, paints it, then adds additional texture with embroidery, allowing light to dance dynamically on her canvas.

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