Red Sky Raven
Red Sky Raven

Red Sky Raven

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8x10 print on wood

Jigsaw Linocut

Printmaking has been artist Leslie Nan Moon's passion since she took an elective class as an undergraduate. Her art is narrative in style and whether real or reimagined, it’s very Pacific Northwest.

In her most recent work she is primarily using the technique known as “jigsaw puzzle linocuts”. In this method she begins by drawing and then carving her design into a piece of linoleum. After she has finished carving she cuts up the block and then applies different colors of ink to each piece individually. Next she puts the block back together (like a puzzle) before laying the paper down on the block and pulling a print. Ink must be reapplied by hand to the linoleum for each original print she creates.  

Leslie Nan Moon

Losing myself in my art in a healthy way is one of my greatest strengths. I’ve always loved to make art but over the last few years I truly NEED to make art. It saves my soul.

I am the mom to a 21 year old son with severe Autism and Intermittent Explosive Disorder among other things. Due to the lack of services for people like my son he is with me almost 24/7. We do a lot of driving around, visiting landmarks, parks and looking at wildlife.

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