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"Shilshole" This is a shot taken from a boat in motion. It seems like the water has clouds.

As a photographer, I’m drawn to looking at the abstract side of life, capturing through the camera’s lens what the naked eye is not accustomed to seeing. Observing the world’s perpetual change through my camera has become a therapeutic meditation of sorts, one that has helped me to find stillness in the motion of my life, embracing the inevitability of change, and the richness that it brings.

All the photos in this show were taken in and around the Seattle area. They represent single and non-repeatable instances of change in light and motion. All seven images were shot with a full-frame digital reflex camera using a technique I call “Still Motion”, one that I only recently discovered actually has an official name: ICM (intentional camera movement). It consists of purposely moving the camera during a medium to long exposure. Instead of taking pictures with my Nikon, I’m actually attempting to paint with it.

What you see here is what I saw. Sebastiano

Sebastiano Tecchio is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and a photographer. Born in Italy, he now resides in Seattle with his wife Stephanie.

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