Yoruba's Brew

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"Yoruba's Brew"


Acrylic on canvas painting with glitter and black sharpie

This divine goddess celebrates African descendants living in all continents. She is an acknowledgment and understanding of Trans-Atlantic migration routes of African slaves brought into this country. An estimated 3 million Afro-Latinos currently live in the USA. Afro-Latinos continue to be economically disadvantaged and underrepresented. ‘Yoruba’s brew’ is a spiritual channel that brings healing, peace, pride and joy. 

Curanderas, Hechicheras y Herbolarias
These painting are a visual narrative, depicting whimsical women, goddesses, and queens, calling for healing, harmony and reconnection with ancient herbal wisdom. Each painting has a layer of gold or silver glitter, where in many cultures, gold is a symbol of power, divinity, and immortality. These paintings have been created in the last year and a half. (2021)

Along my artistic practice, these paintings have helped me cope towards a personal healing and understanding of the power of being intentional while recovering from Covid trauma, car accident injuries, toxic relationships, and political corruption in the last 4 years.

Amaranta Ibarra-Sandys is a South Seattle based visual artist. She was born and raised in Mexico City, but she calls the PNW her home. She is a bilingual art educator, youth mural facilitator, public artist, business entrepreneur, performer, community builder, gardener, mother of a teenager and a cat mama.

Covid 2020 shifted her individual creative process, refining her style. She uses acrylics, watercolors, clay, tin boxes, maps and yarn. Her illustrations of gloomy landscapes, women, goddesses, and skeletons reclaim ancient rituals. Food and language blend elements of the PNW: trees, nature, sea life and mountains. Art has been her tool for social change in hopes to inspire others to find a fulfilling purpose in life.

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